Welcome to Master's Touch Ministries.

Today we are experiencing many storms in an increasingly turbulent world. It is our hope that we can be a lighthouse that will shine a steady light so you can navigate around the rocks safely. Today more than ever before we need to be confident of the Master’s Hand on the wheel of our lives. He alone can pilot us safely into port

As we quickly approach the end of the age, as Christians we need to keep abreast of what is happening in the world so can walk together in the unity God desires. Unity is not easy and it is not being a copy of one another. Rather we must become like a laminated beam, composed of different boards, bonded together for the greater strength needed to accomplish a greater purpose. Jesus prayed for us that we would be One in Him in the same way that He and the Father are One. How can we do this when we all have our own ideas and perception of things? We can do this only as we abide consistently in Him and obedient to Him. He is the Head and we are members of His Body. We are not free agents to do as we please if He is Lord. As we follow the Spirit’s leading in this day, we will not only be safe in troubled times, but unified into one purpose. In unity God will empower us so that together we can be that light at the end of the age that will draw people into His Kingdom. In that eternal Kingdom Jesus will rule as Prince of Peace forever.

Regardless of challenges facing you today, we believe you have a bright future and a specific destiny to fulfill. We trust this site will encourage you to keep on, to finish the course and to win the victory in Jesus’ Name and for His glory.